'Knock 'em dead'
with the visual and verbal language of the 21st century!

Creating powerful presntations, seminars and speeches NOW!

Creating powerful presentations, 
seminars and speeches NOW!

Modern audiences are sophisticated, educated, and saturated with messages so to impact them requires new speaking skills. This seminar will present and model the best communication techniques - whether you are delivering a speech, training friends, or presenting at work. It will be delivered in an interactive seminar style to ensure that the strategies are applied throughout the course. You will be equipped with practical tools to help you engage, influence, and impact your listeners. 

Presentation Skills for the 21st Century is presented in four distinct parts:

Principles of Effective Communication - Understanding the needs, and characteristics of the audience. Characteristics of a good presenter, speaking versus training. Effective use of voice, tone, pauses, speed, and timing. 

Preparing your Message - Preparing aims, objectives, and learning outcomes. Building the right learning environment, structuring content, anchoring the learning, and ensuring involvement. Conducting assessment, feedback and review procedures.

Delivering Your Message - Using visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic techniques. Making a great first impression, opening and closing. Speaking techniques, using notes, illustrations, and stories. Tips in using equipment, visual aids, and props. Managing group dynamics and using different communication styles.

Advanced Communication Techniques - Keynote talks, impromptu talks, interview format, facilitating group learning, handling questions. Managing difficult situations, modelling the learning, the art of self-evaluation and improvement. Further resources. Putting it all together. 

By the end of this seminar you should be able to:

  1. Understand the modern learner: their thinking styles and learning languages.
  2. Identify how to read an audience, manage group dynamics, and reach them. 
  3. Practise the principles of effective communication- from preparation to the delivery.
  4. Utilise skills in communicating via lectures, workshops, meetings, and one on one.
  5. Implement strategies to motivate and involve learners, and anchor the learning.
  6. Apply techniques in using visual aids, PowerPoint, Overheads, and props.

Who Should Attend Presentation Skills for the 21st Century

This seminar is recommended for anyone who needs to give presentations, whether they are experienced, or just starting out giving presentations.

This seminar is not for those just starting to use PowerPoint looking for a "how to" course. It is for those who may currently use PowerPoint or a similar software package, who want to learn what is effective with audiences and how to avoid the things that make audiences groan when they see the data projector turn on.

It doesnít matter if you are a business owner, a line manager, or even an MBA or a PhD, but more likely you have no degree at all - more than ever in the 21st century, the ability to give a powerful presentation can define your future. Whether itís presenting your new idea, leading a meeting or selling a key account, outlining your business plan to a lender, approaching a venture capitalist, or just reporting last weeks sales figures, the outcome is often a function of your presentations skills - not necessarily the actual subject of your presentation.

Past attendees have represented all types of organisations - large and small, profit-making and non-profit - and have included participants from catalogue, retail, publishing, financial services, high-tech, consumer, and business-to-business organizations.

Your Presenter: Sylvia Marina F(Hon).A.K.A., F.B.S.A., N.D.

Sylvia Marina, is well qualified to improve the quality of your presentation skills in both the work place and personal relationships through a solid understanding of the impact of the "Invisibles" (body language, tone & pitch of voice, etc) at play in all of our presentation efforts.

A high performance life-skills educator, Sylvia teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that work. She knows the value of good communication skills to meet the present day professional and social challenges of one to one speaking, facilitating and meeting interactions, a product launch, corporate change or a public demonstration.

Renowned as a International Conference Speaker, Sylvia Marina has more than 25 years experience in Keynote Speaking, Public Seminars, Individual Counselling Ė Mentoring, Learning & Development and Educational Wellness Retreats.

Her formal training includes Health Sciences and Behavioural Science, a professional face profiler and teacher at heart, Sylvia weaves knowledge with wisdom and humour in such an interactive way that people want to use the verbal and non verbal leadership and communication ideas immediately.

With her experience, practical solutions and passion for unleashing the power of positive presentation skills, Sylvia Marina joins the growing group of Business Seminars Australia's expert seminar and workshop leaders.

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Presentation Skills for the 21st Century
Monday, December 12th, 2011 Brisbane Christie Corporate Centre
Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 Sydney Portside Convention Centre
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 Melbourne Karstens Conference Centre
Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Perth Tech Park Function Centre

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