Managing Difficult Behaviours

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Customers both external and internal are more demanding and often more aggressive in the way they approach issues that need to be resolved. 

To cope with these expectations puts new pressure and stress on staff confronted with customer hostility, especially when working with reduced resources against the demand for enhanced response and service standards. 

In this environment, confidence and influence skills are a “must” for people at all levels of the organisation. This program delivers practical relating and coping skills where accurate, specific and effective communications are critical. 

In this practical program, you’ll learn how to treat others with openness, directness and commitment, how to handle conflict positively even in emotional situations and how self-concept contributes either positively or negatively to interaction responses and outcomes. 

The ability to positively influence others is an absolute requirements for self-respect and confidence in professional and personal life.


Anyone, at all levels of the organisation who needs to influence others and cope with difficult people. The practical skills developed lead directly to greater personal confidence and will enhance influence and power in both one-on-one and group communications. 

At the conclusion of this program, participants will have:

  • Specific skills to better manage difficult behaviours in the workplace with other staff, managers, supervisors and customers at all levels. 

  • A more confident and effective approach to problem solving and coping skills through heightened self-esteem and awareness. 

  • Understanding of the role that conditioning plays in the development of how people react in different situations. 

  • Identified the key elements of effective and professional behaviours and when and how to use them. 

  • Understanding of the behaviour choices that people exercise on a daily communications and how through skills practise and attitude development an enhanced range of options are possible to generate better outcomes with others. 

  • Increased confidence and higher self-esteem for enhanced communication and influence at work and beyond. 

  • How to build rapport with anyone - whether they are difficult customers, staff, colleagues, bosses and family members


  • Half Day Seminar – Supported by workbook/manual


Why People are Difficult

  • Analysis of different personality types and how people respond differently to situations and issues. Effective ideas on how to you can cope effectively and positively influence the wide range of personality types you encounter on a daily basis. 

Triggers that Motivate Behaviour

  • Discover the most common problems that cause aggressive and negative attitudes within people. What you can do to counteract these triggers and how to apply principles of conflict resolution in a changing workplace. 

Aggressive, Passive and Assertive Behaviours

  • How past experiences and conditioning affect the range of behaviours people use to influence others. How these behaviours affect you, either positively or negatively. How to recognise manipulative behaviours and the choices you can exercise in response. 

Behaviour Signs and Outcomes

  • How to understand the motivators and pay-offs people achieve from aggressive and passive behaviours. How to manage these behaviours with professionalism, cope more effectively and maximise your influence. 

The Power of Listening and Observing

  • How effective listening and observing techniques can level the discussion, provide you options and open communication to diffuse aggressive behaviours. 

How Body Language Powerfully Influences Communication

  • Understand the power of body language. How to read other more effectively and how to use body language techniques to assist in reducing tension and increasing co-operation with others. 

Empathy and Understanding

  • All positive communications arise from self-respect and respect for the other party. The value of empathy as a platform for understanding and acceptance of a different viewpoint, provides a bridge for positive and effective communications. 

Manage Discussion with Questions

  • How to manage discussion and provide structure through the use of questions. When and how to use questions and what types of questions are most effective to keep you in control of the discussion. 

Explanations for Positive Persuasion

  • How to explain issues so others will be motivated to embrace your ideas and take action. How words are interpreted differently by people and the effect words have on reactions. Learn how to ensure your explanations are effective and not misunderstood. 

Self Discipline and Responsibility

  • How personal confidence and maturity impact in every area of influence and interpersonal communication. How with practice you can learn to exercise a range of behaviour choices to build confidence and achieve more with others at work and beyond. 

Your Presenter: Dennis Hall MBA (Mktg), AAIM, CLDP , FAIPF

Dennis HallDennis Hall, is well qualified to lead you in learning the tactics of Successfully Managing People in the work place and creating the right workplace environment to their preferred management styles.

With over 20 years management experience, an MBA in Marketing Management and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Dennis' unique combination of "Hands on" experiences and studies provides you with the sort of "Know how" you don't often get to draw from.

Dennis doesn't just "Present" these management skills, he "Lives them". His services have been employed by a wide range of corporate and private clients including; Queensland Department of State Development, Airservices Australia, BDO Kendalls, Ergon Energy, Caltex and Suncorp - to name only a few.

With his experience, practical solutions and passion for unleashing the power of positive conflict resolution, Dennis Hall joins the growing group of Business Seminars Australia's expert seminar and workshop leaders.

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  • Qualifies for Tax Deductions as Training. 


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Managing Difficult Behaviours

Monday, August 17th, 2009 Brisbane Christie Corporate
Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 Sydney Portside Centre
Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 Melbourne Seasons on Botanical
Thursday, August 20th, 2009 Perth Citigate Hotel

9 am to 12 noon Workbook & Morning Tea provided


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