Unlock the secrets of getting your message across
what you say & how you say it

Exciting three hour seminar unlocks the Secrets of Confidence, Clarity & Credibility in Every Situation

How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact in Every Situation

There is an art to getting your message across and it is vital to your personal and business success that you master the skills of communicating with confidence, clarity and credibility.

Learn all you need to know about successful communication both face to face and remote - from interpreting body language to writing letters, optimising meetings to speaking on the telephone.

How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility in Every Situation
not only shows you how to hold an audience when making presentations and how to take notes or compile reports, but also provides practical techniques for you to try in many different situations.

Good communications is the lifeblood of an organisation and a successful business. When you master the skills of speaking, writing and listening you will pave the way to effectively sharing information and improved business and personal relationships.

The Seven Secrets of Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility in Every Situation

Communication happens in many ways. At this seminar you will learn to recognise  Secret Gems of Communicating that will ensure you get your message across effectively. There are so many ways that we communicate with others that we need to decide which combination of methods to use - whether it be the spoken or written word, body language or visual images, and as we enter the 21st Century, multimedia methods like television, video, cd and dvd and of course the internet.

Secret One - The Spoken Word
We take speaking to others for granted because we do it every day. However, far too many people fail to realise just how easy it is for others to misunderstand us (and then we blame them for getting it wrong!)! This seminar will show you how to improve your communications with others - whether it's face to face or over the telephone - so that your message is understood and acted upon!

Secret Two - The Written Word

Being the basis of business communication, it is essential that you master the skills of using words effectively. You will learn how to communicate better using letters, memos, reports, proposals, notes, summaries, agendas, minutes, discussions and email.

Secret Three - Body Language
Even when you are sitting still your body language is communication with all those in your presence. Unknowingly you are giving off powerful messages of your feelings and attitudes. Learn the secrets of body language and you will be able to influence the outcome of important events in your life. In our ever more diverse cultural community, it is vital you become aware of the different ways many Australians view the invisible signals that we give off. 

Secret Four - Gestures
Gestures and other non-verbal communication such as posture and facial expressions are critical building blocks of communication. You will learn a range of gestures to practice that will have a dramatic positive effect on your ability to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility.

Secret Five - Listening
The two-way nature of communication is often ignored because both sides have failed the skill of effectively listening to the other party's point of view. Learn to identify and rectify sloppy listening techniques. By knowing how and when to eliminate 'Passive' listening, constant interruptions and prejudice, two way communications will take on a new and powerful part of your life and business.

Secret Six - Questions
The right questions, asked the right way, open the door to knowledge and understanding. The art of questioning lies in knowing what questions to ask and IMPORTANTLY, when to ask them. To communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility you need to learn the skills of choosing the right question, phrased the right way, asked with confidence and authority so that you learn the information you need to be effective in business.

Secret Seven - Taking Notes
Forget relying on your memory when you learn to master efficient methods of recording speech or condensing written communication. In Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility we share with you the latest techniques of mind mapping, speedwriting, and the use of colour enabling you to make effective notes that dramatically improve your ability to make use of the mountains of information that pass over your desk each day.

Want to be a better communicator? Well, you will learn at Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility the secrets of getting the best results from these situations:

  • Communicating One to One. Get the hidden rules of having productive meetings with your peers, your team members or your boss. Learn the importance of listening, of being prepared, of coaching in meetings, to achieve predetermined outcomes and how the right questions will give you control of the situation!
  • Being Chairman of a meeting. Your meetings will go better when you prepare correctly, use humour wisely, adhere to time limits, and correctly implement minute taking and agenda setting.
  • Giving presentations without "fluffing it." We show you 7 easy steps to prepare for presenting whether it be at a presentation dinner, a sales seminar, your annual conference or that important sale.
  • Communicating to Sell with the soft sell approach. Experience how all good selling is "soft". Don't think you are in sales? Think again! Anyone ho has ever tried to convince someone else that their way is the best way is "Selling" their ideas! You will learn how to identify objections and handle them with ease in any situation. You will learn how to make your communications SELL with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility.
  • Negotiating will become a snap when you practice "Win -Win." You will come away from Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility with the skills to be a successful negotiator.

Exclusive: Our 101 Tips to Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility manual will ensure you effectively handle real-life situations and develop the first-class communications skills that are the key to a productive and informed workplace. This is a priceless resource that will serve you well in the future.

Plan to be there... it could be the most important seminar decision you make all year.

Who Should Attend?

Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility is a MUST ATTEND SESSION if the following applies to you:

You are a business owner, sales and marketing manager, or salesperson seeking to improve your day to day effectiveness.

You have team members who greet your clients, other staff or associates who's duties include that of receptionist, service personnel, internal sales, account liaison, handling complaints, and any other communication requirements with people.

You find, often, that your communications are misunderstood, lead to conflicts or just don't get people doing what you wanted them to!

Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility has been designed for whatever business you are in or from any walk of life, and the results will be so powerful that you can't afford to miss this exciting seminar.

Your Workshop Presenter - Marie Bampton BAppSc (Health Ed), Cert IV WTA

Marie Bampton is the newest member of the Australian Education Corporation team, but she comes well positioned to make a lasting impact on all our clients and seminar participants.

With a career spanning 25yrs across all sectors – government, community sector, private enterprise and academia – her skills and experience span the realms of leadership, personal development, communication, spirituality and health.

Marie’s experience from direct client service delivery to project management, consultative and international education roles gives her a diversity of knowledge, skills and most importantly, experience to draw on that is rare in the market place today.

Marie’s commitment to lifelong learning and her constant connection to ‘the coal face’ through her business as an Executive Coach and Team Development Consultant, ensure that the information that you receive is cutting edge.

Information alone makes little difference – this is the ‘knowledge economy’ and yet so many of us are overwhelmed. We’ve all been in learning situations where we are given information but have been left wondering about the relevance of that to “my situation”.

The transformative ‘gold’ that you will receive from working with Marie is that you will be provided with a solid foundation of knowledge, but you will also leave with tangible and practical strategies for applying this information in your work situation (and life) that will create immediate, positive and measurable impacts.

Marie brings a unique blend of intuition, insight, experience and resources ‘to the table’ during every encounter which has benefited many individuals and organisations including: Lihir Gold Ltd, Qld Health, Australian National University Law School, the Asia-Pacific School of Economics & Government, the National Film & Sound Archives, various recruitment agencies, and the list goes on!
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How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility
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