Does your customer service STINK...

68% of customers who leave do so because of the indifferent attitude of a company employee while just 9% are won by the competition... what are you doing about that?

Putting Customers First

Take the lead and win more business through excellent customer service. This fabulous 3 hour seminar shows you how to win customer loyalty that will guarantee your competitive advantage.

As never before, Putting Customers First is THE critical strategy for business success in the internet age where people can shop 24/7 from the comfort of their home.

Learn how to delight and astound your customers and win them for life...

Customers demand quicker improvements to services they find unacceptable, while technological change presents both new opportunities to adaptable organisations on an almost daily basis, and threats to the very survival of the poorly prepared.

To succeed in such a demanding environment you have to maintain the very best customer service techniques that have served you well in the past, and you must embrace the latest techniques to motivate and encourage your staff to be always Putting Customers First. This seminar will provide you the "why to's" of positively outrageous service and also the most up-to-date and proven methods of helping your business become truly customer focused.

Successful businesses, small or large, make customers - the real reason a business exists - a part of their team. It is not enough to be delivering on your service promises, you must also be seen to be delivering on your service promises. Master these demands and your business will prosper.

Putting Customers First shares with you the practical skills and strategies to enhance your customer service reputation. You will also learn how to build this reputation using publicity and media coverage.

Putting Customers First is delivered with a "work smarter, not harder" attitude that allows you to appraise where you currently are and shows you how to fully explore all the options available to develop a dynamic customer focused organisation that delivers GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

By understanding the reasons for Putting Customers First and learning the skills that allow this to happen, you build self confidence and self-esteem in your staff and business. 

Learn these 7 secrets of Putting Customers First and more:

1. Why Put Customers First? For an organisation to thrive, it must keep pace with its customer's changing needs and succeed in satisfying them. Put Customers First, and you will ensure that you meet and anticipate their demands and expectations, and so continue to win their business.

2. Focusing on Your Best Customers Some customers will be more important to your organisation than others. Learn how to define your best customers. Learn to identify trends so you can focus your efforts on customers for the future. Learn how to change your focus before sales or revenues fall.

3. Understanding Customer Expectations To serve your customers well requires an understanding of what their customers want. Find out from your customers how you and your team can play your part in keeping the end customer satisfied. Learn why customers buy your products and services for the benefits they offer, and how to gain more of their business.

4. Understanding The Buying Process When customers buy, they will first consider whether the key areas of product, service, relationship, and price meet their basic criteria. Not all buying criteria are equally important. Putting Customers First will allow you to understand what your customer regards as important and then you can capitalise by providing it.

5. Providing Customers Support Effective, efficient service and support is key to building customer loyalty. Show customers that they are valued by keeping them informed, and ask for their feedback to help you continuously improve the level of assistance you provide. Let customers know when you make changes. Make customers feel that you are on their side. Take responsibility for meeting customers expectations.

6. Developing Products and Services In order to maintain customer satisfaction, products and services must be developed with customers needs in mind. Emphasise the benefits to customers of what you provide, and take their individual needs and lifestyles into account when making changes. You also need to find out about how your competitors are improving their products and services.

7. Dealing With Complaints Complaints provide opportunities to learn what customers really think. Welcome complaints as a chance to impress your customers and encourage their loyalty, while looking for ways to prevent similar problems occurring again. A well-handled complaint is an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. One complaint will often reveal others that customers have kept to themselves.

Putting Customers First gives lasting benefits

Success in the long term depends upon customers continuing to receive real benefits from your products and services. Maintaining your customer focus will ensure that your customer and your business reap the rewards as you achieve your objective of Putting Customers First.

Putting Customers First is your competitive edge. You will learn:

  • To gain a thorough understanding of your customers requirements, needs, and expectations. 
  • To evaluate trends, retain long-term customers and define best customers. 
  • To gather valuable feedback, establish service priorities, agree future emphasis, and document your objectives. 
  • To deliver service to customers that they expect, when it is expected and at a fair price using up-to-date business processes. 
  • That effective efficient serve and support is the key to building customer loyalty in a business that puts customers first. 
  • To plan and implement for the expected changes that will always invigorate and help your business grow.

Take action NOW to make your Customer Service GREAT. The Putting Customers First Seminar is FANTASTIC for people at all levels of business, whether owners or team members who want to build a customer first business. We encourage the staff of any business wanting to get more done in a friendlier positive workplace to attend. Business owners should send their receptionist, service personnel, internal sales staff, accounts people, complaints department, travel agents, hotel front office staff, bank officers and other service personnel. 

From whatever business or walk of life, you can't afford to miss Putting Customers First.

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Monday, August 10th, 2015 Melbourne Saxons Conference Centre
Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 Perth Saxons Conference Centre

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