Everything you always wanted to know about conflict resolution (but were too afraid to ask)

Effective Conflict Resolution Strageties

Exciting three hour seminar that highlights effective strategies to handle any situation where you can confront CONFLICT... at work, in the office or socially.

Every day, in businesses across Australia, thousands of people - just like you - find themselves in the unfortunate position of verbal disagreement with resistant customers, suppliers or colleagues, trying to get the help and support they need to function effectively. 

The desire to "keep the peace" is often seen as a better strategy than enduring the headaches and hassles of standing toe-to-toe with aggressive co-workers, customers or suppliers who always seem to get their way through intimidation and bullying tactics. 

There is an answer! There are a few people who by using Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies, tactfully make a case for their views without creating a feeling of resentment between themselves and the people they interact with. And they're the ones that get what they want - every time. 

The Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies seminar will highlight how to hold your own in any situation, facing conflict head-on in a cool, confident and thoroughly professional manner.

When you return to work, you'll be able to let go of defensiveness (and even turn it off in others)...  eliminate the misunderstandings that often lead to arguments and hard feelings... and focus on your work - not on office politics and soothing ruffled feathers.

The Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies seminar covers:

Gaining A New Perspective On Conflict
  • Understanding the reasons for conflict in the workplace and how you can reach solutions quicker 
  • Contrasting personalities and turf-guarding: The volatile cocktail of workplace confrontations 
  • How to recognise the red flags of confrontations and defuse the situation early 
  • How to identify your own bad habits that may be causing trouble 
  • Analysing the 4 common outcomes of workplace conflict and how to aim for the win/win situation whenever possible 
  • How to keep your cool when you're blindsided by an attack 
  • How to improve your self-image and your ability to resolve conflict better 

Identifying And Understanding The Mechanics Of Conflict

  • Gaining the ability to objectively distinguish both sides of every situation 
  • Separating your opponent from the issues - which one is really making you crazy? 
  • Accepting responsibility for your own emotions 
  • How to suddenly rein yourself in when you've always put the "D" in Dominant Behaviour 
  • How to suddenly assert yourself when you've always been the office wallflower 
  • Understanding the 4 common behaviour patterns 
  • Why "fight or flight" can't be your only 2 options when dealing with workplace conflict 

Getting A Grip On Your Emotions Before They Get A Grip On You!

  • How to turn areas of disagreement into a constructive framework for solutions 
  • How to hide your emotions under a veneer of calm - even when your blood is boiling 
  • There are times to back away: Tips for getting out of an explosive situation with a confrontational co-worker so you can come back later to fix the problem 
  • When tears are about to fall - effective techniques for keeping your professional image intact 
  • How to provide effective feedback that will calm the waters of discussion 

Resolving Conflicts Calmly And Professionally

  • Tried and true rules of problem solving that will keep you and others focused on the issues at hand 
  • Powerful communication skills that will help clarify most misunderstandings 
  • How to handle back-stabbers slackers nit-pickers manipulators steamrollers and other "special" personality types 
  • What to do when your conflict is with a manager who's higher up the corporate food chain than you are 
  • When you're at an impasse: Compromise skills that can let everyone off the hook 
  • Practical tips for keeping the most heated conflicts from escalating 
  • How to stand your ground without becoming road kill 
  • Are the rules different with people you don't work with on a daily basis (vendors, off-site employees, etc.)? Find out what the experts say 
  • Effectively defend yourself against power plays

Effective Conflict Resolution StragetiesWho Should Attend?

Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies is a MUST ATTEND SESSION for every business professional who wants to handle conflict more effectively, assertively and positively.

You are a business owner, sales and marketing manager, or salesperson seeking to improve your day to day effectiveness.

You have team members who greet your clients, other staff or associates who's duties include that of receptionist, service personnel, internal sales, account liaison, handling complaints, and any other communication requirements with people.

You find, often, that your communications are misunderstood, lead to conflicts or just don't get people doing what you wanted them to!

Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies has been designed for whatever business you are in or from any walk of life, and the results will be so powerful that you can't afford to miss this exciting seminar.

Your Presenter: Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall, is well qualified to improve the quality of your communication skills in both the work place and personal relationships through a solid understanding of the impact of the "Invisibles" (body language, tone & pitch of voice, etc) at play in all of our conflict resolution efforts.

With over 20 years management experience, an MBA in Marketing Management and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Dennis' unique combination of "Hands on" experiences and studies provides you with the sort of "Know how" you don't often get to draw from.

Dennis doesn't just "Present" these conflict resolution skills, he "Lives them". His services have been employed by a wide range of corporate and private clients including; Queensland Department of State Development, Airservices Australia, BDO Kendalls, Ergon Energy, Caltex and Suncorp - to name only a few.

With his experience, practical solutions and passion for unleashing the power of positive conflict resolution, Dennis Hall joins the growing group of Business Seminars Australia's expert seminar and workshop leaders.
Dennis Hall


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Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies

Monday, June 16th, 2008 Brisbane Christie Corporate
Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 Sydney Portside Centre
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 Melbourne Jasper Hotel
Thursday, June 19th, 2008  Perth Mt Lawley Golf Club

2 pm to 5 pm Workbook & Afternoon Tea provided


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