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Australia's most popular Speed Reading Course for Business Learning: PowerRead.

Can you really double your reading speed in just 3.5 hours... and take more in?

Don't take our word for it... here is just a sample of the feedback received

What people are saying about PowerRead: Speed Reading for Business Success!

This seminar has opened my mind. I know that in life the only thing that limits us is what we believe we can achieve and I never thought about that in relation to reading. I used to love reading when I was a child and this love is about to return to me!

Kelly Newton-Wordsworth
Newtone Productions
Williams Western Australia

No one should think they are too busy to learn. Speed reading has always been on my "To Do" List. Why did I wait until now to learn! Believe me, I will practice and master it.

Denise Grecian
Christine Norris Signature Properties
Orange New South Wales

FANTASTIC! My reading speed went from 250 words per minute to over 500 with even more comprehension in just 3 hours.

Mark Walker
Digital Engineering Corporation
Keysborough Victoria

Eye opening seminar which will prove to be priceless and of great value.

Warwick Howard
Exedy Church Group

The seminar delivered what was promised which is very important. The proof will be in the coming weeks.

Mike Pratt
Mintec Systems
East Melbourne

The 3.5 hour investment will save you years in time and productivity. It's worth twice as much. 

Bob Allwright
Multiple Reading Systems
Cranbourne Victoria

Inspiring and I can't wait to go home and start reading. I improved from 400 to 741 words per minute in 3 hours and improved my comprehension.

David Parkinson
Achieve Mind Body Transformations
Miami Queensland 

What appeared an abstract concept at the start actually turned out to make sense and the comprehension started to follow and my speed increased.

Michael Scott
R Finance
Fairfield Victoria

Great new method to increase business knowledge by using talents we already have.

Eamon Eastwood
Taste Ireland
Bondi Beach New South Wales

Fantastic! I will accomplish more during the day and I will have more time for myself and my family.

Anthony Grgic
Richardson and Wrench
Parramatta News South Wales

Very enjoyable. If I can achieve just 25% of what now seems possible... I will be flying.

Christine Wood
Driving Australia Beldon Western Australia

I enjoyed the Seminar which gave me the belief and the proof that I can improve my reading if I let go of the belief I can't.

Pam Buttenshaw
In Harmony Mind Body Maintenance
Sunnybank Hills Queensland

Excellent. Have faith. The improvements I made during this short session have convinced me I must practice it and that I will achieve the results I desire.

Ian McWilliam
Jims Antennas
Wynnum Queensland

Can't wait to start zooming through the books... heading home to do it now!

Tracy Tormai
Choice Hotels

So what are you waiting for...


Here are some amazing facts about speed readers
  • John F. Kennedy and George Bernard Shaw displayed extraordinary comprehension and surpassed the average by reading in excess of 3000 words per minute. 

  • Nineteenth century economist John Stuart Mill complained he couldn't turn pages as fast as he could read them. 

  • Author H. L. Mencken could read a 250 page book in an hour. 

  • US President Theodore Roosevelt read 2 to 3 books a day while in office. 

  • Pat Buchanan, recently vying for the American Republican Presidential Candidate nomination, participated in a Speed Reading course in the 1970s when he was a speech-writer for the president. He finished the course able to read three books in a return flight from Washington DC to Hawaii, and was able to get his other advisory work completed as well. 

  • Thomas Wolfe is another example of a "taught" speed reader - self-taught. While he was growing up he set a goal to go through two books a day at the local library, regardless of what he got from them. Eventually he was able to go quickly, with comprehension, through his books. 

  • The fastest reader in the world can read 25,000 wpm - Howard Berg. 

  • Research shows that the deaf, with no special reading enhancement training, can read over 1,000 words per minute, because they do not translate words into sounds 


Speed Reading For Business Success!
A Hands on Full day Workshop that will Double Your Reading Speed.. Guaranteed

This PowerRead Seminar flyer has 2,235 words... how long should it take you to read it?
Reader Reading speed Time
slow 150 words/minute 15 min
average 230 words/minute 10 min
above 350 words/minute 6.5 min
fast  500 words/minute 4.5 min
exceptional 700 words/minute 3 min
     FACT 1: The average reading speed of adults in Australia is just 300 words per minute!

FACT 2: You can double your reading speed by the application of a few simple techniques.

FACT 3: The average comprehension score of adult readers in Australia is poor!

FACT 4: You can improve your comprehension score by the application of a few simple techniques.

How easy is this to do... with just 4 hours tuition and the amazingly effective PowerRead Speed Reading System you can DOUBLE ( or even more...) your reading speed at an increased comprehension rate. Sound too good to be true... read on and see that PowerRead could just be your answer to information overload.

Does this sound like you?
  • Always in a hurry to get the job done?
  • Can't keep up with current issues in magazines, reports, articles?
  • Tired of "Information Overload?"
  • Need more time for yourself?
  • Too much to read and too little time to read it?
  • Frequently having to go back and re-read words, or whole paragraphs you just finished reading?
  • Quickly forgetting most of what you read?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES!-you need


You will learn to:

  • Read at a rate of 1000 to 3000 words per minute.
  • Process and retain information quickly and effectively.
  • Increase comprehension, attention span and analytical skills.
  • Increase memory capabilities.
  • Manage time more efficiently by reading essential information in HALF the time.
  • Better writing and communication skills, "getting to the heart of the matter" quickly and accurately.

The PowerRead Speed Reading System will show you how to read faster and comprehend more... and at least double your reading speed. Why would you want to read faster...Research world-wide shows the ability to speed read will:

Increase your income
Improve problem solving

What is PowerRead?
Most of us read one word at a time just because we were taught to read that way.
The PowerRead Speed Reading System is a method of improving a readers ability; increasing both the speed at which a text can be assimilated, and the level of understanding of that material.

The PowerRead Speed Reading system will show you how to increase your reading speed and comprehension by as much as 400% or more.

You will learn the same techniques used by top business executives, university professors, and many super achievers, to assimilate massive amounts of information in a short period of time, like reading a novel in a half hour, or a magazine in 15 minutes.

Think of the advantages you could enjoy if you tripled the volume of information you read each day and increased your retention.

The PowerRead Speed Reading System will teach you...

  • How to establish your current rate of reading.
  • How to read newspapers and periodicals with high speed and efficiency.
  • How to increase your comprehension dramatically through reading with "purpose."
  • How to use mind-mapping techniques to cultivate greater precision and creativity in your thinking
  • What naturally fast readers do and don't do.
  • How to track your progress and continue to sharpen your skills.

Remember what you read
Research shows that reading is 95% thinking and only 5% eye movement. Most of today's reading programs focus only on rapid eye movement techniques. They ignore the most important aspect of reading...thinking! The PowerRead Speed Reading System gives you the missing element... Comprehension.

The PowerRead Speed Reading program takes only a few hours, but it can save you hundreds of hours of reading time. Make a lifetime investment in achievement and book your place to our workshop today!

Need more convincing of why you should speed read?

Applying speed reading techniques gives the following benefits:

  • Large volumes of information can be assimilated rapidly.
  • By reading faster and absorbing more information into short term memory, the meaning and structure of a document is easier to see.
  • Your eyes have to do less work, meaning that reading for long periods can be less tiring.

Improving Reading Skills
Think about the way in which you are reading this text. Most people think that they read the way young children read - either letter-by-letter, or at best word-by-word.

PowerRead Speed Reading aims to improve reading skills in three main ways:

  • Reducing skip-back
  • Reducing fixation time
  • Expanding the fixation zone

Speed Reading can make reading a much more enjoyable experience, by reducing eye strain, increasing understanding of the flow of a document, and by reducing the time needed to  assimilate it. This will help a reader to hold attention on a long document, extracting  information from it that would otherwise be neglected.

The Fastest way to learn
Yes you can learn all this and more in 4 short hours...

The PowerRead Speed Reading System shows you, step-by-proven step, how to increase your reading skill and speed, so you understand more, remember more, and use more of everything you read.

The most common remark from people who have attended PowerRead is, "Why didn't someone teach me this a long time ago?"

Tested and Proven for 40 Years.

Your presenter Wayne Mansfield first learned The PowerRead Speed Reading System in 1969... and has used the methods continuously ever since.

Using PowerRead Speed Reading Techniques, Wayne is able to read a 200 page business book in under an hour, and have 95% recall some three months later... being able to point out a particular word or phrase direct from the pages of the book.

Under controlled conditions, Wayne's reading speed has been recorded at more than 20,000 words a minute with over 90% comprehension.

The PowerRead Speed Reading System has stood the test of time... now you can learn to change the way you read forever... In just 3 hours.

Here is what Wayne says:

"I know it is hard to believe but I learnt to read at speeds up to 20,000 words a minute! Now not everyone can do that, but the PowerRead Speed Reading System has equipped hundreds of students to read at 3,000 words a minute. That's 10 times the average for an Australian adult reader. Imagine what a benefit that would be if you could do all your business reading in a fraction of the time it currently takes you.

I have benefited from these techniques learned at high school in the late 1960's that now allow me to read at an astounding rate with quite remarkable comprehension and recall. 

What does it really mean?? A normal business book, say a marketing book of 375 pages - that's a particularly thick one - takes me about 90 minutes to read cover to cover. And almost unbelievably, I can recall details, and the page that they appear on, 90 days later.

Am I a genius?? Far from it. I was fortunate to learn PowerReading at high school and I thank my good fortune every day. Our PowerRead Speed Reading System can help you BOOST your reading and comprehension levels. Take the challenge and join me at our next workshop. I promise you you won't regret it."

This is a practical, easy-to-learn program that will work for you, no matter how slow a reader you think you are now.

Our Guarantee:
Follow the PowerRead Speed Reading Program for 30 days you will double your reading Speed, Comprehension & Productivity.

PowerReadPowerRead! Bonus Material
Over $1,000 worth of books for you to read!

Now you can read quicker, here is the start of your business reading library.

Included on your bonus CD are over 20 books, easily worth more than $1,000 if you had to buy them at your local book shop. Titles include:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill full 260 page unabridged edition
  • How To Master Time in 90 Seconds by Robyn Pearce
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
  • The Science of Being Well by Wallace D. Wattles
  • John Harricharan's Book Walk on Water 
  • Seth Godin's 99 Purple Cows 
  • The Greatest Networker in World by John Milton Fogg
  • My Favourite 50 Nothing Down Strategies by Robert Allen 
  • Decide What You Want by Mark Victor Hansen 
  • Get Rich Slow by John Milton Fogg 
  • How to Grow Rich in Your Niche by Mark Victor Hansen 
  • Robert Allen's Power Money System for Real Estate 
  • The Miracle of Tithing by Mark Victor Hansen 
  • The Money Tree Formula by Robert Allen 
  • Rejecting Rejection by Mark Victor Hansen 
  • The Road To Wealth by Robert Allen 
  • Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale 
  • $10,000 Marketing Idea by Markus Allen 
  • Internet Business Basics by John Shenton 
  • Marketing on the Internet by John Shenton 
  • Idea Virus by Seth Godwin 
  • and many more

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