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Stepping up to Supervision

If you want to increase your leadership skills you need good training, practical tools, and proven strategies. This course is based on the latest leadership research, yet it aims to equip business people with actual techniques that can be applied in the workplace. In 3 fast paced hours you will learn about leadership styles, values and vision, emerging trends, new management techniques, empowering employees, and developing leaders.

Designed specifically for New Leaders, this seminar is presented in four distinct parts which include:

Stepping up to SupervisionUnderstanding & Managing Yourself

  • Managing your emotions

  • Goal setting – Smart goals
  • Time Management & Focus
  • Role of Respect & Gratitude
  • You Values
  • Taking Action – the Circle of success / 7 A’s of Achievement
  • Resilience, Optimism

Relating To Others

  • Building Rapport, Common Bonds, Praise & Appreciation

  • Different Communication Style & Skills
  • Dealing with difficult people & situations
  • Building Relationships – ‘Beanstalk Model of relationships’
  • Influence & Persuasion
  • Leadership Basics
  • Counselling & giving feedback

Developing New Managers and Supervisors

  • Promoted from within the team

  • Friend vs. Staff
  • Respect vs. “Being Liked”
  • Specify and communicate the new role & responsibilities.
  • Appointed from outside or new team
  • First impressions critical
  • You’re the Role Model
  • Lack of knowledge & Company culture

Making the transition from buddy to boss

  • From friends to staff/team members

  • Stepping up to Supervision

Stepping up to Supervision is the ideal introduction to the art of management and supervision. By combining the basic theory outlined above, with workable and learnable skills, attendees will be equipped to become effective team leaders.

In a enjoyable hands on approach to this essential skill for business, you will share with other attendees the pleasure of learning about management skills to equip you for a more productive work experience.

Teachable Management Skills to Learn & Practice


  • Verbal Feedback – Correct type, Praise & acknowledgment, BNS, Criticism
  • Non – verbal Feedback – what you do, body language, treating others differently
  • Progressive Discipline – Counselling, Warnings, Termination, Legalities
  • Effective Questioning – ask don’t tell
  • Coaching Skills – Let others learn, POEBBPC Model
  • Giving Clear Concise Instructions, paraphrasing
  • Presentation Skills - How to run Meetings, Public Speaking
  • Power of Knowledge – Being Discreet, confidentiality, security of records
  • Negotiation Skills – persuasiveness – being more persuasive
  • Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Interview Skills for recruitment & Selection – Picking People and reading People

Planing & Structure

  • Always know your Outcome – what you do want – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Know your Vision, Mission and Values – goal setting & direction
  • Prioritising Skills – to do list, high & Low value activities, 80/20
  • Effective Time Management – using your time wisely
  • Planning skills – What’s really important in long term – not necessarily urgent – projects
  • Use Boundaries – set and communicate your rules $ expectations – develop team culture
  • Developing & using systems – the value of systematic approach
  • Improvement & Innovation Skills – How to brainstorm and generate great new ideas
  • Power of the Written Word – Diary Systems – Documenting, making records, file notes


  • Delegating Skills – how to delegate, hold to account and follow up, Not interfere, 80% rule
  • Develop a Team Culture – supportive, Celebrating Success, and Managing Social Interaction
  • Coaching the team – Coaching skills to improve others – Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Servant Leadership – supporter of the team, will do any task
  • Decision Making & problem Solving – How to make hard decisions.

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  • Qualifies for Tax Deductions as Training. 
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Stepping up to Supervision

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