What ambitious SME's  [small business] Need to Know NOW

The media is brimming with stories about boom, bust and Bitcoin bubbles. The first thing to remember is: Bitcoin is controversial, Blockchain is not. Bitcoin, and most cryptocurrencies, are volatile. Blockchain is not – it’s achieved a wide consensus as what the HBR calls the foundational technology for the future of the internet, because it changes the game.

This will be as bigger than the first Internet boom

If blockchain technology is going to transform the internet, as first the web and then e-commerce did, then what you and your business need to know right now and in the near future to prosper.


Because Blockchain technology changes some seemingly fundamental rules it has many applications and use cases. There are dozens already, with more than 200 ICOs presently funding and a further 1,000 or more actively developing services, new ones are being explored all the time.

Don't be Kodak!

Like 20 years ago, those who take the trouble to understand this revolution, by putting a toe in the waters from it’s early days and evolving a strategy for their business, will do best. And you will avoid the risk of becoming the next Kodak.



Who do you trust?

There are many fundamentals that blockchain changes. For starters, it removes the need to trust a third party in order to transact with them. This enables disintermediation, and so decentralisation – with the Blockchain and smart contracts playing the role for which previously institutions were required.


P2P Financing

Blockchain will provide to SMEs the ability to access new alternative financing options. Blockchain provides trust between untrusted parties, it means that new types of lenders could potentially start making their capital available through new Blockchain applications.  This is an area that is of particular interest for startups that work on varies types of P2P lending solutions.

Aren't Blockchain and Bitcoin the same?

While blockchain is being embraced, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the picture is very different with deeply held, and often hotly expressed, opinions broadly in the same opposing camps as for the last internet revolution: the World Wide Web.



Legal contracts will change forever!

Legal contracts will soon be coded onto the blockchain in individual blocks. This means business owners might have an access key to information held on the blockchain that corresponds to a specific agreement. The smart contract will execute, meaning that business owners will not need to worry about contractual enforcement.


Will Your head be in the sand until TOO late?:

Those who can enable and help transacting parties to find each other and structure and enable their transactions (think Uber or AirBnB) will thrive rather than disappear. Those who play to the strengths of this new technology will do best.


Why Blockchain, Why Now?

Blockchains record trust like an atomic clock records time. Unlike trust, time marches ever forward and is irreversible. What if trust could be recorded in the same manner, with exactly the same accuracy and fidelity? Trust can be lost just as soon as it is gained because of our reliance on experiential, opaque and analogue methods of recording it.

When someone says “trust me” it usually engenders doubt. Blockchain technology can change that. Each year for the last 18 years, Edelman, a global public relations firm, has issued a report called the Trust Barometer. While the study is a compelling snapshot in time of global attitudes and perceptions of trust in public and private institutions, the more interesting insights are gleaned by looking at this body of work longitudinally. By this measure, Edelman’s most recent Trust Barometer confirms the sentiments we have seen driving unprecedented outcomes in ballot boxes, on streets and in the market.

After 3 short hours and a very modest $185.00 investment you will walk away with practical tips, a game plan and a room full of "friends" to get you off to a flying start!

The world is changing and we need answers to:

  • Why markets, customers, investors and other stakeholders have all grown tired of learning about the misdeeds of large organizations during rare glimpses of sunlight that creeps through the crevices
  • How to stop the massive account rigging scandal at American banks [Wells Fargo] or Australian banks [ CBA and NAB ] which is fuelling a growing distrust and anger.
  • How Institutional misdeeds have shown that there may be no ethical lines at all in the pursuit of profit, power maximization and preservation [ VW and AMP for example ]
  • If the internet created a world of low fiction communication, Blockchain can create a world of low fiction value transfer, in no small measure because of the irrevocable way in which it records trust.
  • How can SME's prosper in the new Blockchain world.

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A Comprehensive mind opening session on how to launch my business using web 2.0 – Learnt heaps of possibilities!
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Very informative and something I can work on and put into practice. Very excited about where this could lead me.
Martin Bramall - Bramins Air Conditioning
Mind opening with process to improve the gaining of knowledge, great speaker, kept me engaged for every minute – This is a way for me to change my life! Thank you!
Keith Williams - Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre

Fantastic, energetic presenter! I have picked up many hints and tips, which I will put into place when I get back to work! I personally recommend this workshop!
Anika Thoren - Bundaberg Skills Centre Inc



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Consider this: The internet change the way business was done [ wayne was a pioneer in the late 1990's for web01}. Ecommerce came in the early 2000's remeber when Amazon was a babe in arms [ waye was presenting WebMarketing beyond the basics] and the Social Media came and changed everything again - wayne is acknowledge as a world authority on using Social media [ with a KLOUT scre of 80 putting him in the Top 0.1% of Social Media Influencers. Blockchain will change everything -

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