The Facebook community would be the world's largest country with
nearly 1.86 BILLION members of which 62% visit every single day.

Already 14.9 million Australians over the age of 18 have Facebook
accounts [and many millions more aged between 13 to 18]
and 9 million visit Facebook EVERY day - 7.3 million on their phone

It's NOT too Late to get your share of this BONANZA

Shouldn't your business getting its share of this Internet gold rush? 

The Facebook for business workshop will take you beyond the basics,
share insights that every business needs to capitalise on and uncover
marketing magic you can utilize IMMEDIATELY


THESE CHANGES MAKE FACEBOOK BUSINESS FRIENDLY! Be the first to know how to use and win business with BRAND NEW Facebook features announced during the first 2 months of 2017 include:

Facebook LIVE:

What is exciting business marketers about Facebook Live? It is an awesome way to use the power of live video to communicate brand stories and to build authentic, intimate relationships with customers, fans and followers.



LOOKALIKE Audience modelling

Lookalike audiences can be used to support any business objective: You can Target people who are similar to your existing customers for fan acquisition, site registration, off-Facebook purchases, and coupon claims, or simply to drive awareness of your brand.



Facebook has opened up Messenger usernames for all businesses, encouraging them to promote their Messenger presence in the same way businesses used to promote their Facebook pages.

Customise Advanced Remarketing Features:

Just what is a Website Custom Audience? Well, it is the NEW Adwords and its time to get familiar. In a nutshell, its the ability to create Facebook ads that reach specific visitors to your website.



Facebook Stories coming to the Facebook:

Facebook Stories is nearly a direct copy of what makes Snapchat and Instagram hits with their users. It will provide a whole new opportunity for brands to generate reach on the Facebook which has 10 times the audience of these other platforms.


Facebook conversion pixel:

What is a Pixel I hear you ask. Well a pixel is just a bit of code that you put on your website that sends messages back to Facebook for tracking purposes. They are what makes you think that "they" know your every move... ads for where you have just been for example!


Success in DIGITAL MARKETING It starts and finishes with Facebook...
[ because that's the place were everyone hangs out!]

The platform that links all the social media platforms is FACEBOOK. We invite you to attend our Interactive Facebook Social Media Marketing Workshop- questions are allowed!

Fun and profitable is how we describe Facebook for Business. Enjoy networking during a hands-on workshop. Bring you Laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone and follow what's going on - free wifi at every seminar will allow you to follow along if you want.! You will leave much better informed about Facebook for Business Marketing than most experts.. Make this your coolest networking experience ever!

After 3 short hours and a very modest $185.00 investment you will walk away with practical tips, a game plan and a room full of "friends" to get you off to a flying start!

You will learn:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of individual profiles, fan pages and groups as they relate to your business?
  • How do you add more members to your profiles, fan pages and groups
  • What apps should you use on each that will increase your chances of sales
  • Why and how you should integrate your web site with your Facebook account
  • What marketing strategies should you use for your Facebook presence
  • How to automate content creation and the best way to do that
  • How to schedule updates to Facebook
  • Essential settings and what considerations do we need to know to get started
    and so much more
  • Why a modest daily investment will really explode your results

What others have said:

Comments from Attendees at previous Facebook for Business seminars

A Comprehensive mind opening session on how to launch my business using web 2.0 Learnt heaps of possibilities!
Peter Oliver - Peter Oliver Photography

Great quality, filled with extensive knowledge that is highly informative. Within a short amount of time I learnt an extensive amount.
Liam Sygrave - Tile Factory Outlet

Very informative and something I can work on and put into practice. Very excited about where this could lead me.
Martin Bramall - Bramins Air Conditioning
Mind opening with process to improve the gaining of knowledge, great speaker, kept me engaged for every minute This is a way for me to change my life! Thank you!
Keith Williams - Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre

Fantastic, energetic presenter! I have picked up many hints and tips, which I will put into place when I get back to work! I personally recommend this workshop!
Anika Thoren - Bundaberg Skills Centre Inc



Business decision makers, interested in cutting edge digital marketing strategies from all levels of business who need to inform others and ensure positive returns from marketing budgets.

If you are used to investing in Marketing for your business - this is for you!
Facebook Marketing is very effective when you use all it's marketing tools and invest a regular amount to get better coverage than FREE allows.


You will need more than a basic understanding of Social Media and Facebook in particular, so if you are totally new to Facebook Marketing this session is NOT for you.

If you think Social Media marketing is just for young people and you also see investing in Marketing on Social Media as a waste of money, this session is NOT for you

You will need to be able to see that a modest daily investment is a GOOD BUSINESS DECISION - If you can't, don't attend this session.

Learn from the Best in the World

Business Seminars Seminars and Workshop that are GREAT value

7 reasons to book now for the Facebook for Business Seminar Workshop
  1. Workshop Content. Fast paced session to help you manage time effectively
  2. Practical Benefits. We deliver practical concepts and tools to use every day
  3. Time Effective and Great Price with no padding - great value and in just 3 hours
  4. Excellent Reference Materials. Receive a great workbook and comprehensive charts, lists and reference forms you can use later on the job
  5. Compare our experience. Since 1987 we have delivered cost effective and practical business learning to over 50,000 companies
  6. Professional Presenters. All our presenters are skilled in delivering our courses with poise and experience.
  7. Australian material for Australian Business presented by Australians.

Your presenter  -  Wayne Mansfield Internationally recognised Digital Expert 

 "Does social media marketing work..."

Consider this: Facebook is credited with starting revolutions, bringing down governments and, more importantly for you,  making many businesses hyper successful... Check out how every major business in the world has a Facebook page and every major media organisation makes their content available on Facebook for free!

For the first time in digital history more people visit a social media place - Facebook - than use search engines or visit web pages or gambling or [mmm]... Facebook is the preference for a majority of people when they visit the internet - and NOT just young people. The fastest section of new members are in the over 50 demographic - BABY BOOMERS with high disposable incomes.

There is no time to waste in joining the Social Media Marketing Revolution. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube to build your business. When you master the biggest social media network of them all - Facebook... there is an opportunity for millions of people to see your message everyday...

Quick Question:

shouldn't your message be spread more widely too!


We believe this is the most comprehensive Facebook Social Media Marketing workshop, available anywhere in the world, and can have you up and running within hours - and best of all... you don't need a lot of money to make it work.

Who says Wayne Mansfield is the best in the world - let the figures tell the story!!

Facebook Friends - 4,470 Followers on Twitter 104,000 LinkedIn Connections 12,095 for a 27 million network... [ figures current January 2016 ] All these numbers add up to a greater distribution network than any newspaper or television group in Australia!

The premier authority site KLOUT award Wayne a Klout score of 80 which places Wayne n the TOP 1% of INFLUENCERS in Social Media across the Globe.

Because so few people have made social media marketing work, Wayne's reputation for making Facebook, Twitter and social media effective has spread worldwide. Consequently he consults to companies in The Middle East, Germany, India, USA, the UK and Asia. So, we implore you... make a decision to join Wayne at this Facebook for business Social Media Marketing workshop and really unlock the power of social media marketing for your business.

Will we see you at a Facebook for Business Workshop soon.

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Facebook for Business
Monday, July 16th, 2018 Brisbane Christies Corporate Centre
Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 Sydney Portside Conference Centre
Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 Melbourne New Training Choice, Queen Street
Thursday, July 19th, 2018 Perth Holiday Inn CBD

1 pm  to 4 pm Workbook, Tea & Coffee provided

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