What's this thing called Web2.0 all about 
and how can my business profit? 

Web2.0 Marketing Exposed

Web2.0 allows you endless scope - you must be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 176 countries to be effective in the 21st century - because the Internet is infinite.

And wherever a computer screen exists Web2.0 allows Sharing. Social media has had a remarkable effect on creativity. Tools like blogs, Flikr photo-sharing and YouTube video-sharing sites have inspired the people formerly known as the audience" to create and share in ways they never could before.

Your customers are your best salespeople if you allow Collaboration. Web2.0 technology makes collaborations possible. All you need to do is engage your customers social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us and provide a wiki to allow them to share and build your businesses profile.

The greatest leveller is the internet. You now need to engage your prospective customers in Conversation. Your old website just won't do it. The simplest and easiest example of allowing a conversation with your customers is the comments form that follows nearly every blog post on the web. Therefore you need a blog to allow that to happen.

Unlock the power of Community for your business marketing. Web2.0 Social media tools like FaceBook, MySpace and LinkedIn are enabling like-minded people-be they rev head commodore lovers, Canberra public servants or grey nomads - to find each other and build buzz around your products and services.

Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about web2.0 and social media - unlocks the exciting and challenging world of webmarketing 2008 style.

By identifying the 23 most powerful Web2.0 techniques currently available you will be able to re-energise your Internet Marketing effort and capitalise on these new trends sweeping the internet.

Here's just some of what we will cover in Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about web2.0 and social media:

Blogging for Business

Whether you use Blogger, Typepad or Wordpress, you need to be aware of the benefits and pitfalls of blogging. By understanding the motivation of bloggers and their readers, you can capitalise on one of the most powerful social changes in since the invention of the printing press. In a 24 hour news cycle, become a master in the same techniques that helped people like Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama wipe the map against better funded and more entrenched opponents. Your future customers are waiting for your message blog.

Twittering gets registers Ringing

Just as you have adjusted to blogs a whole new genre of communication has emerged called microblogging where business can tap into the always on world. New social communication tools like twitter, jaiku or pownce allow you and your customers to be in constant dialogue. Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about web2.0 and social media will show you how to capitalise on this new world of constant contact.

Social Networks are Business Hubs

Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are places where millions of potential customers are gathered just waiting for business to invite them to become raving fans. Businesses can and do participate in these social networks. By participating in LinkedIn you can build your business across state and national borders, across time zones and continents and across cultures and nationalities. From teenagers hanging out on MySpace or FaceBook to professionals participating in LinkedIn, social networks await with millions of potential customers for the Web2.0 savvy business.

Tagging Is Fun and profitable

Remember as a kid that to tag someone was fun? Well the new version of tagging on Web2.0 has developed into something special for social networking businesses. Get your self familiar with exercises like Stumble Upon, Del.ico.us, Digg and Technorati and the world becomes your oyster. Sure these sound like exotic beasts but once Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about Web2.0 shows you their relevance to your business success on the internet you will never view your web browsers the same again.

What are the 23 most significant Web2.0 and Social Networking Tools? 

By the time you leave Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about Web2.0 you will know more about Web2.0 and Social Networking Tools thannearly anyone else in the marketing world. Where as terms like Ning, Jaiku, Pownce, LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Dpplr and Upcoming were just a collection of misspelt terms, they will have become keys to unlock marketing riches.

And there are more amazing tools to explore like Google apps, white label social networks, wikis and Bacn… you will leave informed and ARMED to take advantage of these tools that we GUARANTEE will set your internet marketing on fire.

Web2.0 Marketing Success Stories

You will receive a comprehensive workbook outlining all the techniques referred to here and it the workshop PLUS you will get case studies of 7 OUTSTANDING success stories of individuals, small and medium enterprises and corporations who have been successful marketing ti the ever growing Web2.0 internet audience.

Powerful material to inspire you to create your own success.

Why aren’t you using ALL of these Web2.0 techniques in your web marketing??  Find out why each one is important…

Really Simple Syndication (RSS): RSS feeds are constantly updated streams of information.

Bloglines: an RSS aggregator that lets you read and keep track of RSS feeds.

Technorati: the Google of blogs where people search blogs

PubSub: lets you create an RSS feed on whatever topic(s) you want to track.

Blogrolls: that list of other blogs that appears in the sidebar of most blogs you visit

Feedster: A blog search service you can use to search just those blogs that are single issue related

del.icio.us: stores links to favourite web sites and encourages discovering related web sites that you might not find on your own.

Blogger gets you started on your own blog. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive: you can get your own blog up and running in literally five minutes using Blogger.

WordPress: Blogging can be a great way of collaborating online and WordPress is a very flexible and extensible blogging platform that allows people to work together easily.

mashup: A web service or software tool that combines two or more tools to create a whole new service.

Wiki: A collaboratively edited web page that are frequently used to allow people to write a document together, or to share reference material that lets colleagues or even members of the public contribute content.

Tags: are the new version of keywords that describe the content of a web site, bookmark, photo or blog post. Tag-enabled web services include social bookmarking sites (like del.icio.us), photo sharing sites (like Flickr) and blog tracking sites (like Technorati)

Social bookmarking: The collaborative equivalent of storing favorites or bookmarks within a web browser, social bookmarking services (like del.icio.us or Furl) let people store their favourite web sites online.

Aggregation: Gathering information from multiple web sites, typically via RSS. Aggregation lets web sites remix the information from multiple web sites, for example by republishing all the news related to a particular keyword.

All these and many more are covered in Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about web2.0 and social media.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is for marketers whether you are of the internet or real world type.

So, if you are responsible in anyway for marketing at your business, or for connecting with or promoting to customers you should attend.

So that means you might be an account manager in a PR agency, a CEO of a technology start up or a project manager at an environmental agency. You might even work in government. If you own your own business it is definitely for you!

What will Web2.0 Marketing Exposed - what every business needs to know about web2.0 and social media achieve for you? 

If you implement ideas shared in this workshop you can expect to gain:

  • More visitors to your website

  • More subscribers to Your RSS feeds and e-newsletters

  • More incoming links to your website

  • More views of your content on video and photo-sharing sites like YouTube and Flickr

  • More references to their company, products and services on blogs, podcasts and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook

Personal note from Wayne Mansfield: 

Web2.0 Marketing Exposed is the latest in my work in formulating cutting edge marketing in the Internet. I have been sharing successful internet marketing techniques since 1997 with thousands of clients, large and small, that have been recognized world wide as cost effective and highly profitable.

When "Web2.0" was first identified and named at a conference in August 2005 as something solid I had my team set about learning the most effective way for marketers to use these new emerging techniques.

The techniques that we have developed have been amazingly successful and now I can share those techniques with you. In three short hours you can learn what works and what doesn't, but more importantly what will work for you and why, and at the end of the session, take away a strategy to implement immediately.

Who says Wayne Mansfield has been successful? A search on Google will confirm that my techniques have achieved amazing results for both my companies and thousands of other companies in Australia. Further, the West Australian Newspaper recently referred to me as an international cyber marketing expert. 

My manuals, WebMarketing… beyond the basics ( now in version 6 ) and BlogQuest… creating residual income on the internet, have sold more copies than any other similar publication. Web2.0 has matured as an everyday part of the internet and that means it is now time to continue to pioneer of the use of innovative marketing on the internet to produce substantial continuing incomes for literally thousands of clients across Australia. 

I invite you to join me at Web2.0 Marketing Exposed and share my insights into the next amazing wave of internet success that is coming from Web2.0.

I look forward to meeting new and old friends at the workshops.

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